Open Source Tools for Building Website


There are plenty of open source applications/software that can help you tremendously as a web designer.  Open source projects are great not only because of their price tag (free), but also because of the passionate community that typically forms around them.  In these economic times, it’s often a worthwhile endeavor to see places where you can conserve, and open source alternatives are a good place to start looking.

There are a variety of tools here that include source code, WYSIWYG, and graphic/image editors, as well as useful software utilities that can improve your task management and production processes.





KompoZer is a fully-featured web authoring system that has an integrated FTP client, an intuitive tabbed user interface, and support for all major operating systems.

Bluefish Editor


Bluefish Editor is a lightweight, fast editor for web designers and programmers.  It has useful wizards for HTML documents, great project management features, and a powerful search-and-replace option for quickly batch-replacing source code.

Quanta Plus


Quanta Plus is a robust web development IDE. It’s highly-extensible and is able to run custom scripts.  It has an excellent visual CSS editor that has code hints and auto-completion of syntax.



Amaya is a free, open source web editor and web browser developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).  Amaya started as an HTML/CSS editor and has since grown into an editor for many XML-based systems like SVG and MathML.

Open Bexi HTML Builder


Open Bexi HTML Builder is a browser-based open source application for creating HTML web pages.  It has a CSS color picker built into the interface and a very simple project management option.





GIMP, one of the most popular open source projects currently out on the market, is a feature-packed image editor and graphic design suite. For those who like Photoshop’s interface, check out “>Gimpshop “>– an extension that roughly mimics Photoshop’s “>”>interface.



Inkscape is the premier open source vector graphics editor (much like its commercial counterparts, Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW).



Krita is a painting and image-editing software application for KOffice.




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